Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Honoured, I'm sure

Honoured, originally uploaded by Neorelix.
Still at Caius. This is the Gate of Honour (1573-74), one of three (see Humility and Virtue). It's a bit fussy but appealing nonetheless and the six sundials (shot here) around the top are, to me, the epitome of elegant form and function. Just because I like them I've included another chapel window detail (there's a danger this could become a series). Stephen Hawking is a fellow of the college and Francis Crick of DNA fame studied here as well as Olympian gold medal winner (Chariots of Fire again) Harold Abrahams. Another notable alumnus was Stephen Perse who founded the school school that a certain DailyPhoto blogger attended. I suspect I'm keener to claim them than they would be me...