Sunday, July 23, 2006

Queens' Rhapsody

Old Hall, originally uploaded by Neorelix.

Queens' College today. Probably tomorrow too. The picture is a detail of the the Old Dining Hall (1449) although the design of the ceiling and walls is actually from 1875. 885 stars were gilded for the roof decoration. I know it's a bit 'in your face' but I think it's kinda perfect. The Hall forms the east side of Cloister Court, the north of which is bounded by the Long Gallery of the President's Lodge; dating from1595 apparently it's the only substantial half-timbered college building in Cambridge and the Cloister Walk on which it sits is actually one hundred years older. There are loads of sundials in Cambridge but this is one of the best. The college website gives instructions on how to read it here. I admit I stood there for a while trying to work out why it said 12.10 when it was actually ten past one - maybe it was the heat of the British Summer Time sun...