Saturday, July 15, 2006

Walk on by.But don't; this lays bare the life blood of the university and the country's future (a stretch I know): a typical student house - this one near Jesus. For some reason I'm fascinated by entryphones and doorbells like this. (This is a detail of this, part of this set. Sad, I know.). A small collection of buttons leads you into myriad lives, families, networks and paths - historic and future. It makes me think of the whole six degrees of separation scenario. Who knows where pressing just one of them could lead..? But for now let me introduce:

Nik - Final year, spends all his time revising, no-nonsense, politics.
Mark - Arts degree, too cool to use scissors, smokes 40 a day, media luvvie dahhling.
Adom - Thinks he's hip (didn't tell his mum he changed the spelling of his name, will quietly revert after finals), probably underlines his signature, civil service.
Josh - Scientist. Quiet but actually very cool. Linear with no sense of humour but supplies the best drugs. Will accidentally solve the fossil fuel crisis and be knighted.
Kate - Came to university by mistake. Very bright but unhappy childhood hidden behind party-vixen front. Alcoholic caffeine-addict - loves Cazimir and The Maypole pub (for cocktails) equally. Will become her heroine Dorothy Parker.
Vikas - IT professional and web-millionaire just at university adding gravitas to his hacker rep. Caffeine addict also but loves the - corporate teat.
Lily - Social sciences. Earnest and cause-minded. All free time spent at AI meetings or in Indigo coffee house discussing AI meetings. Will probably be kidnapped in Colombia.
Rich - Business Studies. Printed his name card on his PC. Far too busy d/loading and selling dvds off BitTorrent for coffee. Will be a major contributor to Labour...

Let's hope the occupants don't see this post. And apologies to them if they do...