Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mills and Mosquitos

Windmill, originally uploaded by Neorelix.

Ever the optimists, we went out to Wicken Fen yesterday in search of 'Spectacular Sunsets' as advertised on natural world tv shows etc. Instead we have a moody windmill. We had loads of cloud, a recalcitrant sun and every mosquito in the country - maybe you get the picture; we certainly didn't. But actually - this is a cheery windmill shot; taken by Heidi, another budding photographer friend whose other impressive work can be seen here. I was going to use this shot of mine but it cast an altogether bleaker mood. Wicken Fen's a few miles out of Cambridge and is a National Nature Reserve where the fenland and all its wildlife is managed but left as it was in the last centuries.It's very compelling and reminds me of the big skies and beautiful bleakness of Graham Swift's Waterlands, an excellent read, later made into a movie stunningly filmed further north of here, in the depths of The Fens, a slightly weird waterlogged part of East Anglia (where a certain photoblogger grew up). Back to the picture; you prefer mine, right..?