Monday, August 07, 2006

Picture In Picture

Artist, originally uploaded by Neorelix.

I've seen this guy around town the last few weeks. He just sets up and gets to work fairly oblivious to the crowds who are drawn to him.This time he was on the quayside near a dreadful (in other words popular with young people...) bar near the river called Henry's. There are coffee bars and restaurants around as well so it's usually rammed with people. He's chosen to leave most of them out of his picture though. The subject of his efforts is Magdelene Bridge (pronounced maudlin). It sits on the site of the original crossings that gave Cambridge its name and which were all wooden until 1754. This one was erected in 1823, is cast iron and was designed and built by Arthur Browne. More interesting however, the blue building to the right is The Pickerel pub - allegedly the oldest in town which has been a brothel, gin palace, opium den and home to a ghost or two. I visit it purely to research pieces for CDP. And return to double-check my findings of course....