Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tease Time

Where, originally uploaded by Neorelix.

Don't click the links yet. I left the city yesterday and travelled a few miles to have lunch and catch up after a few months with an old friend. It's not very far at all so I figure it still counts as fitting subject matter for CDP. We had a great day. She's a doctor in what's claimed to be Britain's oldest town. I went to pick her up and we popped over to a lovely pub, The Crown, for lunch which was excellent - and better yet, she paid! Afterwards we headed back via this village, travelling on the same distance again before parking up to walk awhiles and eventually arrive at the place you see above. It's the exact setting for a very famous picture. This shot is almost that exact view (they have a sign telling muppets like me where to stand), minus a few things and plus a lot of years. Ok - so what painting am I talking about? If you need them the links will give you more clues as to the location but you guys are all pretty switched on so I should think you already know. In fact the more I look the more obvious it seems. Anyway, I've turned comment moderation on so everyone has time to guess and for those that do so correctly I'll buy them a car. Ok, so I'll just list them in a virtual Hall of Kudos on Monday....