Friday, February 16, 2007


Stern, originally uploaded by Neorelix.

Am returned. Had the requisite great time and am now back refreshed. Well, I'm back anyway. This picture makes the weather look delightfully clement with fluffy clouds scudding gently across the azure expanse of celestial ceiling. In fact, I took this shot whilst cowering behind a wreck trying to evade the viciously bitter 40 mph winds that rampaged all week. And the sun here? This moment was its 'Syanara'. It rained relentlessly for the whole week. Until, of course, the helicopter lifted off to take us home when the sun returned to grace our departing backs with glorious beams of summer. And to cap it off I took no good pictures at all. Not even ones that I think are good - which, as you know, is an opinion considerably at odds with people who know about photography. But I'm back and have missed you guys. What's been goin' on?