Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tea Break

Tea Break, originally uploaded by Neorelix.

As a teenager I used to race down after school in the summer to sit in the University Botanical Gardens with my mates messing around and smoking, generally chilling out. And not revising. Then the evil-powers-that-be decided to fleece the tourists and starting charging so for many years I've rarely visited. On principle. Out of umbrage. Generally cutting off my nose to spite my face in effect. Then someone mentioned the other day that the gardens were now free again during the winter and this Seems a healthy compromise. Of course, they're subdued in February and especially on a misty, dull day like today, but it's still got to be a good thing right? So I brought you a slightly-touched-up shot of the work-in-progress - a bed from which great beauty will blossom in the coming months. It could of course just have been artfully arranged for the boss to see whilst the gardener is actually skiving off with a cup of tea and daytime telly in his shed...