Sunday, March 04, 2007

Unplanned, Soulless, Multi-Storey Mess

Malvedere, originally uploaded by Neorelix.

...or “an architectural residential masterpiece” depending on who you ask. It's the central residential development of many in this area of recent regeneration- the whole area is a huge building site at the moment. This is The Belvedere or 'Malvedere' as many have termed it. You're looking at the Tower which contains the principle residence of the complex – a three bedroom flat. Sold last yearfor £1.5 million. Seriously. Here's the floorplan. Only one living area so if you fall out with your partner you're either sulking in your bedroom or on the roof in the rain. Oneandahalfmillionquid. Crazy. Especially when you'll be woken every morning by “The 6.22 a.m service to London Kings Cross will depart 20 minutes late from platform one.” echoing the twenty feet from the station next door. Not my kind of thing but it's certainly dramatic. Or maybe I'm just jealous...