Monday, October 15, 2007

... climbing to the top of that. In evening dress. In 1937. The guy who did that (see picture below) got rusticated from university for doing the same but on King's Chapel a little later. Crazy. That chap is still alive and kicking at 90 and coming to the launch next week.

What launch you ask? Why, the launch for The Night Climbers of Cambridge by Whipplesnaith of course. 70 years after it was first published this bible of buildering and fore-runner of free running is about to hit the tiles once more.

“...while mountaineers are counted by the tens of thousands,
roof-climbers could scarcely be mustered by the dozen.”

Read all about the original here. Read about the preparations for the Anniversary Edition here. Get updates here. Pre-order your own copy here.

Tickets for the launch do at Heffers are free and available from the Trinity Street branch cash desk.

Not long now...