Friday, November 23, 2007

A Picture or a Thousand Words...?

...'cos you can now have both! People kept asking for prints so they're now available from the Oleander website - framed or as unframed 10 x 8s. They look specbl**dytacular even if I say so myself.

On the book front we've done great numbers - 400 in two shops in 3 weeks in Cambridge alone! And Sir Ranulph Fiennes was on R4 talking about Night Climbing (and the Marie Curie Delivering Choice Programme of course) on the 7th (see Listen Again, Libby Purves' Midweek on the R4 website) and that produced a small avalanche (intended) of visits to the site. I sent him a couple of the numbered, signed copies for the Campaign auction.

In coming weeks look out for features in The Observer, The Good Book Guide, The Oldie, possibly The Telegraph, definitely,,, Gripped mag, Urban Climber mag and a whole bunch more. Love this stuff.

OH! - and guess what? I've heard from a trusted source that the Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum (also the Master of Magdalene) has asked for NCoC to be removed from the museum shop, branding it 'irresponsible'... I thought museums were mandated to preserve and promote our cultural heritage - not censor it. Of course, this is probably just an unfounded and erroneous rumour.

Thanks everyone and take care.