Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ooh... Exciting...

I seem to have been included in some funky and snazzy new guide to Cambridge. Check out how the punts above adorn something called the iPhone when used to navigate around the fairest city in Cambs. Bizarrely, other snappers have their shots on it too - which is either a mistake or merely a sop to their tender feelings in this modern world of 'nanny allows no losers'; The notification I got definitely intimated that I was the Chosen One / Best / Winner. All Hail Me.

Talking of winners, checkout the realm of Ms Reed - purveyor of postcards from the previous eras. Fascinating and funny, the posts are entertaining and evocative of vintage times and places past (Right, that's it - I'm banned from asinine alliteration for a whole year) and the site is the new link of the week. Yay.