Saturday, September 20, 2008

Holy Evil Jiminy Crickets Batman... that the time?

This is a ride-by shooting while I was on the bike, taken with the phone so it's amazing it came out at all, let alone legibly. And I missed all the tourists too. They were gawping at this new clock that was unveiled by the 'Hawkman' - Stephen Hawking yesterday. Some bigwig is endowing Corpus Christi College with a bunch of cash and had a library built in his name - this is the £1M clock showpiece. The evil grasshopper is powered by the pendulum and moves the gold-plated disc that illuminates to show the time. If you biggerise the pic (it's a word...) you should see that it was 3 minute3s past 4 as I narrowly missed the jaywalkers...

Ya know, it's nice to be nice but I have to say that this is one of the scariest, ugliest things I've ever seen. And I regularly see my bank statements. Whatever, I'm sure people of taste and refinement think it's the zenith of form and function.