Thursday, November 19, 2009

Secret History of Cambridge - Free Download

Want to learn a little Cambridge history that's not in the regular guidebooks? Night Climbing has been a part of Cambridge's alter-ego for hundreds of years probably. An activity practised far away from the eyes of tourists, university authorities and of course, the police. Over a hundred years ago the first account of this subversive, nocturnal activity appeared, anonymously, in print.

Since then, a select few titles have been authored, under pseudonyms, chronicling the exploits of these stegophilic miscreants. Many of whom went on to become figures of public import and influence. Read the history of this exclusive club - as told by Richard Williams, the now-unveiled author of the 1960, 3rd Edition of the Night Climber's Guide to Trinity. Click on the pic or here to go to the free download - and enjoy!