Sunday, May 30, 2010

Art at the Cutting Edge

I'm hoping to start posting regularly again soon but in the meantime wanted to draw your attention to the work of The Papercut Girl, Vanessa Stone. Quite local (Letchworth), she loves our favourite city and has a section devoted to it on her website. I've only recently been introduced to her work but love it and hanker for one of her pieces for my wall. Until then though, I'll make do with admiring them virtually on her site or in actuality, until the 20th June, at Byard Art on King's Parade where she's taking part in the 'Capturing Cambridge' exhibition. I dropped in yesterday and was very impressed by the wealth of talent on display by her and, in fact, all the local artists featured; make sure you swing by sometime (and buy loads of her stuff...).

Vanessa also has a blog and a facebook page.