Thursday, July 15, 2010

UnFreeze Frame

A bit of a change today... Most of you folks have seen the Whipplesnaith vid so I thought I'd show you something similar that combines two of my main loves. No, not Ambrosia Devon-knows-how-they-make-it-so-creamy Custard and latex, but Cambridge - and the climbing of it. The video's one of many available from Openbox Films - a film company/freelance Parkour stunt team who promote the sport in the media industry. They're based in Newmarket, 13 miles from Cambridge. Their talent is astonishing, I'm sure you'll agree. And behind all the action you'll see parts of the city which are recognisable to regulars - almost all have been featured on the blog in the past. Check out the guys' YouTube channel and their homepage. Very cool.