Tuesday, January 08, 2013

E-reader dead; long live the e-reader!

So, it's the new year and I hope everyone had a great holiday period. It's been the usual around Oleander Towers - family, friends and an extra 3 stone to shift in Detoxuary...

So - is this really news? I'm talking about the story above, of course. No - we've all known that dedicated e-readers, no matter how Glo-y or Paperwhite-y, were for short lives. As you all know - even if you yourself only ever read books to relax, most of your friends watch documentaries, Tweet, FB, play online games, use apps and stream movies etc., etc. The chance of people carrying two bits of kit around, along with everything else? No chance. So the tablet wins - obviously. But - the tablet isn't as good a reading experience as the e-ink device. Therefore, with economies of scale making the screen's cost negligable, the two-in-one pad will emerge. It won't be that much thicker than a small tablet is now. You'll read interactive titles - magazines, papers, edu-texts, Discovery books - on the colour screen, and then turn over to immerse yourself in the novel of your choice for hours without straining your eyes. A simple flippable cover and job's a good 'un.

Well, that's what I think anyway. Here's to 2013 everyone!