Monday, March 18, 2013

Nicely aged. The steak, not me...


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Had a great steak in the new Argentinian beef place in town. Would I go again? No. Mainly because I'm over 40. Yeah, it was too loud. And everything was Gattaca-esque - you know, acres of bright white plastic everywhere, metal walkways, no shade, ultra modern - and music just loud enough to make you shout to be heard: a way of forcing an atmosphere. The exact sort of place I loved in 1987. Which explains the hundreds of 19-25 year-olds surrounding us and loving every minute. Yep, I'm officially an old fart. In fact, I think I was born one...
But the meat really was very good. They over-seasoned it which, sadly, slightly edged out its inherent sweetness. And I wouldn't recommend the pepper sauce - too 'muddy'; go for the plain English mustard instead - perfect. Chips were just right; dips, squid and bruschetta all good. Wine fine. Apparently the fish cakes were lovely too. Service was courteous and swift, with the 'caugirls' efficient and helpful.
So, with the 10oz ribeye at £16, (12 at 18.50) it all came to £35 a head including tip. Not bad. I wonder if they do take-out? ;)