Thursday, March 14, 2013

New in Paperback - plus nonagram fun!

We've eventually got it together to bring ol' Whipplesnaith out in paperback. I know, I know - how could it possibly take 5 years?!

 Erm, dunno. But, anyway, it's here and it's only £8.99. And if you use BLOGNC you get 10% off even that! And there's definitely no horse in it - so there's that too.

Next: Nonagram. Oleander is bringing out a book of 9-letter anagrams later this month called Nonagrams. They've always been quite popular and I thought it would be fun to run a few on the blog for a bit. I'll put the answers up on the site the next day. Our Nonagrams will be in a two-part format. First of all, there's the straightforward anagram of the nine letters to be found. Easy, Medium or Hard. Now, there's obviously going to be many other words to be made from those letters. If you're really bored with what you're actually meant to be doing - working or whatnot - then you can thrill yourself by finding the one indicated by the accompanying clue. So for example:


I - S -N
I - E -B
C - T - O


Initially, Rob left Cornish island for horse burger emporium (5)

I apologise for how easy the plus clues may be. I love cryptic crosswords but I'm not very good at them and I'm certainly no good at creating the clues, so most will not be very cryptic (if) at all. Anyway, it's only for a bit of fun.

So with the above example the NONAGRAM result is BISECTION. The plus answer is TESCO.


So, today's is very apt, and really easy:


T - S -H
D - O - W
M - R - I


Portions for really hungry people (6)

Here for the answers tomorrow.