Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seriously - A Sin?


R - N - S
E - U - S
A - D - Q


Split personality lacks affirmative direction but sees red realigned. (6)

* * *

In the next couple of weeks our new title A Guide for the Greedy will be hitting a shop near you. It's wickedly exciting!

Some of the most sublime and exhilarating essays on the subject of food are collected here in Elizabeth Robins Pennell’s book, first published in 1896; this reproduction being the final edited and refreshed edition of 1922. Written as pieces for the Pall Mall Gazette, the resulting feast presents an awed love letter to culinary excellence.

Pennell was a biographer and critic of art and cookery and, as a world-travelled gourmand herself, brought to her reviews an artist’s sensibilities, aiming to reconfigure meals as high art, employing the language of aestheticism to turn eating into an act of intellectual appreciation.

Quite simply one of the most accomplished works on the wealth that is food, A Guide for the Greedy is the perfect book for those who love any culinary adventure, cookery books and hedonistic literature in general. An absolute delight that will reignite your love of all food and awaken the epicurean in each of us.

“Rejoice in the knowledge that gluttony is the best cosmetic.”