Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time for Greed

C - O - R
H - A - K
C - O - O

Supporter loves chocolate when not tardy (with nowt taken out - but with added potassium) (5)


“Rejoice in the knowledge that gluttony is the best cosmetic.”

I'm excited by our next title - A Guide for the Greedy - which is running a bit behind schedule but will be available a couple of weeks late in the middle of April. Elizabeth Robins Pennell was the first person to apply the language of art criticism to the subject of food. Writing in her weekly column for the Pall Mall Gazette she recounted the tales of her encounters with the best cuisine in Europe, the US and further afield, while travelling with her husband - a famous artist of the time. 

Or, thin the slices, make them the covering for ham and tongue, or – if you be greatly favoured – for sardines and anchovies, and then memory will spread for you the banquet in the pleasant pastures that border the Cam, the willows bowering you from the August sun with shade, your boat moored to the cool bank and with Claret cup, poured, mayhap, into old college tankards, you quench your thirst, while lazily you listen to the distant plashing of oars and lowing of kine, and all life drifts into an idle dream.”

Quite simply, it's one of the most accomplished works on the wealth that is food.  A Guide for the Greedy is the perfect book for those who love any culinary adventure, cookery books and hedonistic literature in general. An absolute delight that will reignite your love of all food and awaken the epicurean in all of us.

“Reading ERP on food is absurd and uplifting. Her enthusiasm is infectious.”

It's a favourite of Nigella's and Jeanette Winterson waxes lyrical about it here: