Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Fair Cop?
Every year at this time kids get excited and fall in thrall to the bright lights and loud music that announce the return of the Midsummer Fair. Young lovers stroll arm in arm and mums and dads tote the wee ones on their backs whilst the big kids ride the rollercoasters and Dodgems eating hotdogs and candy floss. Utterly coincidental to this charming and fondly-viewed event the crime rate soars - houses burgled, people mugged, harrassment, intimidation and fights are the order of the day. I watched once as some guys drove by with their mates in the back of their pickup who all jumped out as one and ran into all the gardens and carports/garages in our street and grabbed everything they could before jumping back in and roaring off. All before anyone could get out of their houses. I've been burgled twice; a neighbour 3 times in as many years - all at this time. The police say they can do nothing. Great. Of course, I'm sure it's just local crims using the undeserved rep of the fair crowd as cover. Absolutely. Looking forward to the next week that's for sure. Wanna be taken for a ride?