Tuesday, July 11, 2006

26We are slap-bang in the middle of the single most exciting event in the Cambridge diary - the Cambridge Film Festival - this year from the 6th to the 16th July. I love it. Although I will say that I wasn't exactly entranced by my choice yesterday - The Brittany Job; literally, to me - a luddite, an exercise in watching paint dry with faux-ad lib cursing. BUT - saw the legendary auteur Luc Besson (Nikita, Leon and loads more) introduce his latest film Angel-A on Saturday. He was great; his flik... simple but pleasing. I'm watching loads more this week, starting with Paperclips today.. The Festival is held at the Arts Picturehouse (a slice of the bar is shown above) which in turn is housed in the old ABC Cinema building on Hills Road.

Optional Rant Below:

Unfortunately the floor below is occupied by The Regal, a Wetherspoons pub which, holding some 1600 people, is the largest in the UK. This was fine while it continued with its famous 'no music' policy. It recently applied to have live music permitted. Situated below an Art House cinema? Well, faced with 'an unprecedented level of objections', the large amount of live music venues in the city and the fact that there is only one foreign-language, non-blockbuster, independent cinema in the surrounding 100 square miles, you'll know which way the council went.