Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Clare: A Beauty.
With gorgeous weather lightening our step in Cambridge at the moment, it is a joy to just walk around the colleges of an afternoon. Stopped by Clare College yesterday. It's not as famous as some of the others but is delightfully pretty with wonderful gardens (the Fellows' Garden especially) and picturesque river frontage. Of course, I'm not showing you any of that. Instead I thought I'd offer a detail of the stained glass window in the south side of the college chapel. See the whole window in here. The chapel itself (1763-69, designed by James Burroughs) is tiny and slightly plain - almost austere, just right for the serious business of scholarly worship I guess. Not a lot of fancy ornamentation here but with Cipriani's Annunciation over the altar and with the two windows, none seems needed. To me, it just has an ageless ambience that discards the world when you enter.