Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bowling along...A lovely summer evening and we're on our way to revisit the past by dining at Eraina Taverna, a fixture on the Cambridge cheap-eats circuit since Peterhouse college (the oldest) students decided they needed discount kleftiko or pizza and chips as revision aids back in 1284. ...ish; it's been there at least 40 years though. Eating there last night was just like the last time I was there - 1986. I mean, exactly the same; the table, the cutlery, the c.200 items on the menu... Even the waitress looked the same - although she is now, of course, Polish. Amazing. I thoroughly recommend it and will feature it exclusively in a post of the future. However, today's snap pays homage to another tradition - that of the genteel pastime of bowls (although I know of some who'd dispute it was a pastime and would scorn the idea of it being genteel!). We passed these smartly-attired folk on our way across Christ's Pieces, one of the many parks and public green spaces in the city. Here, the members of the City of Cambridge Bowls Club hone their skills and passers-by tend to stop, sit and watch awhile. Quintessentially English I guess; except that it's originally Egyptian.