Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Cazimir, originally uploaded by Neorelix.

Sorry about the picture - taken with my phone... Cazimir is another of the excellent coffee shops we have here in town. Situated in King Street (famous for its pub crawl - the King Street Run) it's little more than a small room so people frequently spill out onto the pavement outside. Opened by a Polish woman a few years back it quickly took off through offering great food - lots of salads and with many Polish dishes on offer. Not the cheapest but definitely fresh, healthy and very tasty. It's had a change of ownership recently so we'll see how that works out. The coffee here is good if a little characterless but the overall friendliness of the staff and the bustling atmosphere of the place makes it great for wasting a few hours (!). The clientele are locals and students. Tourists don't make it this far off the beaten track (it's actually only about 500 yds but pretty well hidden). The walls often feature work by local artists - frequently awful, occasionally brilliant.