Saturday, August 19, 2006

3 of 6 but No.1

Arts, originally uploaded by Neorelix.

I was going to save the best til last but we were here yesterday so took the opportunity. This, the coffee bar of the Arts Picturehouse, is my absolute favourite place to hang out. There are free papers, the coffee's great and the atmosphere is relaxed with the gentle buzz of discussion as film debates rage... As I've mentioned before it's situated in part of what was the ABC cinema many years ago and retains a lot of the Deco style which has been incorporated into a modern retro look. When the sun's shining and the city is full of floral beauty and healthy pursuits it's great to reject all that nonsense, come here and sit inside, drink your espresso (or, perversely, Green Ginger tea as HVT3 was having yesterday... I mean, is that even a real drink???) and enjoy the comfiest massivest sofas in Cambridge. And the best bit? Sitting here makes people think you've just emerged from a demanding, intellectually stimulating and culturally enlightening foreign language flik ;p Of course, sometimes that's true - did you see this? I recommend it hugely but with massive caveats about not having eaten beforehand. And taking a friend. And something to hide behind.