Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Occidental Tourist

Jinling, originally uploaded by Neorelix.

A damp and dreary almost stereotypically British winter's day today so I thouoght I'd spice my life up a little by visiting Jinling noodle bar. Although the best Chinese restaurant in the city was generally, and understandably, regarded to be The Peking (with the odd interlude provided by the Times' championing of Charlie Chan's although that's mainly for the excellent Dim Sum) although not so much anymore I don't think. But for affordable, authentic, oriental dishes Jinling has for a while been the only sensible choice. Classy it aint; cramped and noisy and with reassuringly offhand staff this is no Dojo or Yippee yuppy type joint. The three westerners eating today were, as always, surrounded by a tenfold majority of Chinese diners - the only proof you need. Chilli Pork Beancurd noodles. Spectacular. My only problem was which picture to use,I prefer the colours of this one but then this one has more relevance; but Who cares? BTW - If I disappear for a couple of days it's because I'm defecting to Ubuntu and, being a techno-muppet, I'll probably cock it up and disappear down the internet plughole. We'll see how it goes...