Monday, August 18, 2008


This pic makes me smile. I used to be a huge fan of fairground rides when I was a kid - not that long ago of course... My birthday is Midsummer's Day so I'd always go to the Midsummer Fair for a birthday treat. I think part of the fun is forcing a parent to go on the most radical ones with you - although this chap is safe on this particular ride I think. The kids are clearly loving it too. Of course, then I got old and boring and started noticing the rusty hinges, brackets, bolts; the frayed safety lines and cables; the dodgy nature of the guy running the ride... And then I got older still and found sites like this (Don't go here if you like fairground rides!!) and I voted with my feet. I still remember the absolute divorce from terra-firma drudgery when we hit Mach 2 with wind in your hair and bugs in your teeth! Ok - more like 20 mph...

Talking of glee - I have a new thing goin' on. The company is publishing one of the best reads I've ever come across. I'm immensely excited about it - but ya know, I tend to be a bit like that... Anyway - thought you might be interested in its slightly circuitous provenance so am pointing you in the direction of a lil ol' blog I've started about it over here. What's it about? I hear you yell - Well... It's a novel about life and love, death and despair, acceptance, denial, murder, sex - and fine cuisine. Not necessarily in that order.