Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Yeah -

- I meant to post this (stolen) pic last week. As you and I well know - they're still at it. The Night Climbers regularly swoop along the roofline of the city, mischief on their minds and happiness in their hearts. Their actions may confound the university but to residents past and present, of the colleges and the city, they are outriders of optimism and evoke a time when opportunities were boundless and terms such as PC, Nanny State, and Health and Safety were mere twitches in the dreams of tomorrow.

Here's a couple of pieces in the papers showing how the authorities went just slightly / wildly overboard:

Mail on Sunday


“Lest others should attempt the ascent of this terrible climb and perish, they swore themselves to secrecy and went off to try Everest instead.”

It looks like the book's going to be another hit this Christmas - get yours here to be sure of prompt delivery.