Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wild Times

It's been a while since I posted regularly on this blog but I think that, with all that's happening with Oleander and Wildheart at the moment, I'll enjoy mouthing off about stuff. It's possible that people coming for the pretty city pictures of before may be disappointed to find, instead, a crotchety bloke whingeing about shipping costs but -hey, maybe I'll include a pic of a Fedex truck ;p

So many books coming out next year I don't know where to start - so how about a brand new one from Wildheart? Out on Amazon today, I may well bring it out in print form if it's as successful as I think it will be. Featuring brilliant writing from the first months of my erotica imprint, it really is fabulous smorgasbord of sexcellence. Sorry.

In unrelated matters, my car decided not to play at the weekend and is now being nursed back to health at the local garage. I'm not sure whether or not it should have a 'Do not resuscitate' sign hanging from the rearview mirror... In the meantime, after four days of being stuck in the village I'm running out of food - and Kindle-formatting patience. The former is probably a good thing as I nearly can't reach the keyboard... The soundtrack to the Lincoln Lawyer is helping with the latter. Why on earth isn't it available in the UK anymore? The film may not be all that, but the soundtrack rocks. Shame.